Kaohsiung American School

As a first time in-person conference attendee, I came away being honored to be a part of a global organization that is driving forward the mission of creating a more inclusive world. Often times, the work that we do can feel isolating and heavy day in and day out, yet my entire team came away with a greater focus on the “why.” The breakout sessions allowed each member to select topics relevant to their interests and schoolwide focus, therefore, increasing our overall capacity as a school. At times, we were reminded that we are doing good work as we were able to share our own journey and at other times we were inspired by those who have gone before and could impart their wisdom. The conference staff were incredible; they were present, supportive, and organized. I liked that it was easy to recognize them throughout the conference and that students also provided support. The school was lovely and a tremendous host. Breakouts by and large were effective.

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