Registration Questions

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Yes, as you are registering, you will see an "Add-on" to register your TA (you must show proof the person you are registering is a TA). You may only bring one TA with you to the conference. Your TA will watch with you and will not have access to pre-recorded content without you.

If you would like your TA to have full access to the conference, please register them for general admission.

SENIA is now a non-profit organization and charity. Our overarching mission is to support individuals, families, and communities.

In addition to awarding a student advocate scholarship stipend each year, SENIA will offer scholarships to support local chapter initiatives,  help offset the cost of professional learning opportunities for teachers and schools, and to kickstart initiatives within our communities that support differently-abled individuals.

SENIA incurs all processing fees. (This is why the donation price is an odd number).


In fact, SENIA wants our conferences to be accessible to all of the members of our community. Please contact Kate Balsamo for more information before you register.

Yes, it is. Once you pay, no discounts can be given. Please arrange groups before registering.

For many people, learning together is the best way to learn. So, go ahead and gather up a group of 10 or more and contact Lori Boll for a reduced rate.

General Questions

We want your conference experience to be tailored to your needs and considerate of time zones. So, we have set it up as a true conference based on SST (Singapore Standard Time).


  • Attend the conference “live” based on the schedule provided.
  • Use the schedule as a guide as you and your group attend the conference in your own time zone.
  • Or...Who needs a schedule? Watch each video on your own time.

Please note that there will be LIVE Q & A sessions with our speakers. You won’t want to miss those, so keep an eye on your Whova app for exact dates and times of those. 

You can also meet with our sponsors and exhibitors live. Please keep an eye on our agenda to see when it's a good time for you to meet with them according to the time zone you're in.


Recorded videos will be available for 4 (four) months after the conference. We cannot make exceptions to this timeline so please plan accordingly.

Yes, you can. All videos will be posted by the start of the conference.

You have 4 months from the start of the conference to access all videos.

See the conference home page for a link to the Whova app. It is at the bottom left.

Yes, you can! Once you register, we will send you an email with the web address and password. To access the conference on your computer you will need this, so make sure to get it right away.

Yes. You can earn up to Three (3) CEU’s for this conference. SUNY Buffalo State is offering the credits at an additional cost. Contact Kate Balsamo at if you are interested.

A watch party is a new way to enjoy a virtual conference. We learn more when we are together. By discussing theory, strategies, and best practice, we improve our insight and efficacy as professionals.

Hosting or facilitating a SENIA Watch Party is an opportunity to bring the networking and collaboration pieces that we all value, to this virtual conference.  Local Chapters (where the government permits it) can plan a one-day conference with SENIA International providing the content virtually. Breakout groups and networking time should be scheduled in.  This can also be done virtually through zoom breakout groups.  For more information, contact  Our Watch Party Committee will support you! 

As a non-profit SENIA now has sponsors. Our sponsors have made it so we could invite multiple high-quality speakers while still keeping rates affordable. We cannot thank our sponsors enough for their support.

Our sponsors also greatly benefit from sponsorship as they can share their resources with our participants.

Absolutely. Go here for more details or contact Lori Boll

Yes. SENIA is happy to announce that we are! SENIA is aregistered  non-profit organization in the state of Oregon (USA) and. Now, we can fund-raise for scholarships for students, educators and advocates in our community.

Local chapters are the cornerstone of our organization. Local chapters are set up in multiple cities/countries/continents all over the world.

Please find more information about our local chapters here. Or, contact our local chapter liaison, Priscilla Leighton.