SENIA Outreach Scholarship


The Special Education Network in Asia (SENIA) is an association of educators, professionals, and parents whose mission is to advocate for and provide resources and supports for differently abled individuals.


To live in an inclusive world where every individual is supported, resources are accessible, potential is maximized, and action is inspired.

The SENIA Outreach Scholarship honors an individual or group who has a project with a financial need that will have a measurable impact in helping to promote inclusion in a current SENIA community. It celebrates the achievements of individuals with disabilities, encourages awareness of the abilities and aspirations of individuals with disabilities, and advocates on behalf of inclusion around the world.

Awards Selection Criteria:

The SENIA Outreach Scholarship Review Committee, which is made up of 5-7 selected SENIA members from around the world, that will select one regional winner who fulfills the SENIA mission statement:

  • Raising awareness of special needs
  • Advocating for special needs 
  • Individual commitment in raising awareness and advocacy
  • Personal enthusiasm to complete project
  • Impact on the SENIA Local Chapter and its community

Award Benefits:

Each SENIA Outreach Scholarship  winner will:

  • Be invited to attend a special virtual awards ceremony and celebration at the next SENIA conference
  • Receive a recipient certificate and monetary scholarship of 2,500USD towards a specified project
  • Present a 10 minute (virtual) presentation at the next SENIA Conference .
  • Be featured on SENIA’s website, newsletter, podcast, and social media posts. 
  • Be a guest for a SENIA podcast interview sharing the winner’s inspirational story, the selected project and its impact on the community of awareness and advocacy for special needs

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Candidates may be of any age when submitting the application or submitting the application on behalf of others.
  • Have a specific, measurable project that will impact the special needs community
  • Be working with an organization (finances cannot be sent to individual accounts) that can receive the funding and be accountable for the implementation of the proposed project
  • Be an active member in a current or new Local SENIA Chapter 

Nomination Process

Nominations can be made by self with a SENIA member of an existing or soon to start Local Chapter in addition to:

  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Related service providers
  • Friends
  • Parents

Rules and Instructions for Nomination

  • Nominations may be submitted in hard copy or digitally submitted to All materials submitted become the property of SENIA and will not be returned.
  • All nomination materials (including supporting documentation) must be submitted together and in native language with English translation.
  • The student must submit the following materials online or sent to (Answers can be in any format – video, written, oral, etc.):
    • Project Proposal
    • One Essay Response
    • THREE letters of recommendation (can be a principal, teacher, parent, partner, community leader, etc) with one being a letter of recommendation from a verifiable local SENIA chapter member
    • Photo

Applicants should be available for a possible interview if any further details are needed to finalize the selection process.

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