Heard Around the World

I’ve gone to SENIA every year for the past 7 years. Every single time I go, I bring something valuable back to my classroom!

Several presentations on Executive Functioning and Reducing Anxiety and Challenging Behavior in Students couldn’t come at a perfect time and helped us to be equipped in supporting our students in different platforms.

I was so excited to attend SENIA 2020 in person because of the location and the all-star cast : ) but doing it online made it actually  better because it was more convenient and I was able to watch it on my own time

Special education in the international school community can feel isolating at times, but SENIA provides the needed opportunities to work and learn with others around the world. 

One of the things I most appreciate about SENIA is how it provides invaluable assistance to local community members hoping to find help or resources that might otherwise be overlooked or hard to find.

I leave Senia conferences filled with restored hope and enthusiasm for working with potential families as I hear the stories of other schools’ success!

Attending SENIA is like a nice massage. You arrive a bit worn out, you leave feeling refreshed, fulfilled and ready to take on the world.

It was actually really great to access all of the content and be able to discuss it in real-time with my entire PLC. We even had a watch party together. 

The SENIA conference in Bangkok 2018 was the most beneficial professional development I have received as a learning specialist whilst living in Asia. I learned I networked, I left inspired.

SENIA brings together people with a common purpose; supporting the needs of all learners by embracing diversity and inclusion. I have been going to SENIA for many years now and always return back to school inspired with new ideas on how best to support our school!

At SENIA, I was able to meet and learn with other educational psychologists as well as special education teachers, speech pathologists, and administrators. Being able to learn alongside international school professionals doing similar work in other schools was an incredible experience!

 Some of the sessions I attended affirmed the good practice we are doing, and some presentations were innovative and inspired me to approach supporting my students differently

 It was a stupendous experience, educational, and inspiring to all educators as well as sharing of resources is a plus.

 I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of Senia as we grow by the minute.

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