Read what participants are saying about this year’s SENIA Bridging the Gap Conference:

Great conference! Thank you.

I’m really enjoying the sessions!

A lovely introduction.  It makes it all seem so official! With the time difference to Chile, I’ll be joining my team later this week for our own asynchronous watch party where we’ll take a look at several sessions.  We’ll be sure to send feedback afterward. Seems like the conference is going well so far.  Congratulations!

Our watch party yesterday was a lot of fun!  You guys did an amazing job putting this all together!

Thank you!  It’s my first time and I can say that I am learning a lot.

Thank you, the experience is fantastic so far.  Well chosen speakers, efficient and easy to navigate platforms, tons of options to interact!  Well done SENIA organizing team!

Thank you so much for putting together such an awesome event! I’m enjoying every moment!

So great to talk with you too and the conference is awesome.  You all put in so much work, and it shows!

I’m really honored to be part of SENIA this year.

We had a mind blowing learning day yesterday so many great information and resources. For me the one that you should not miss are: Dr. Ross Greene, Jessica Minnihan, and my all time favourite Dr. Bonnie Singer.  I still have a long list of others I need to watch which will add on to this list I am sure.  Have fun everyone!  Actually glad that we can have 30 days to watch them which we always feel like we missed out [on] something. Bravo SENIA Team! Amazing conference.

As we get to the end of our @seniamalaysia watch party, our group highly recommends Sarah Ward, Jessica Minihan and Roby Marcou.  Check them out!! #SENIA2020 #inclusion

Feeding my mind and my body on this beautiful Saturday.  SENIA online allows for maintaining wellness while diving into intense professional learning.  Grateful!

Catching up on yesterday’s #SENIA2020 Bridging the Gap sessions.  Amazing research, resources, strategies, questions, and conversations.