Remfrey Educational Consulting


April J Remfrey, MS, is an educational consultant specializing in working with international schools and globally mobile families with neurodiverse and disabled children. With a focus on creating inclusive learning environments, April facilitates professional development sessions for school staff, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and strategies.

She conducts thorough audits to assess existing practices and then supports schools with PD toward greater inclusivity. April also offers personalized consultations to families seeking the right educational fit for their neurodivergent or disabled child, addressing their unique challenges and decisions.

April holds a BA in special education and elementary education as well as a master’s degree in Exceptional Education. With over 20 years of teaching experience across public, private, and international schools in three countries, her expertise is widely recognized.

Active in the field of special education and inclusion, April serves on the boards of directors for SENIA: Special Education Network and Inclusion Association and is involved with SPAN: Safe Passages Across Networks. She is also a Council of International Schools Affiliated Consultant.

When not working, April enjoys hiking, cooking gourmet food, and playing the clarinet. Connect with her on social media or sign up for her monthly newsletter to benefit from her knowledge and dedication in supporting inclusive education.