Keynote Speaker

5,000 USD

Keynote Speakers start each day on the right note and serve to spark interest in excitement for all. With your sponsorship, we can bring in high quality, well-known speakers who have much to offer.


  • Announcement of your sponsorship made during the introduction of the keynote
  • Logo placed on all advertisements with keynote speaker listed
  • Exhibitor’s table at no additional cost

Coffee Break

1,000 USD

Everyone loves coffee and snacks during a conference. Your organization can sponsor one of our coffee breaks where people rest, rejuvenate, network with others and reenergize.


  • Announcement made before break of your sponsorship
  • Sponsorship on conference schedule and Whova app
  • Exhibitor’s table at no additional cost

Happy Hour

3,000 USD

Who doesn’t love the chance to wind down from the thrill of the conference by hanging out at a happy hour? This event is always a favorite as it gives our participants time to network, see old friend, meet new friends, and laugh a lot.


  • Announcement of your sponsorship before the event
  • Sponsorship written in schedule and Whova app
  • Exhibitor’s table at no additional cost

Exhibitor Booth

500 USD

Participants at SENIA conferences are excited to learn more about resources available to them. This is a great opportunity for you to share more about your organization. Exhibitors are provided with a table in an area in our conference hall with heavy foot traffic in order to maximize your access to our members. Exhibitors may decorate the table, have give-aways and raffles, share resources, and collect contact information from our attendees using the Whova platform. Learn more about using Whova here.

Conference Swag

Price TBD

All of our sponsors will be able to include items to go into our conference SWAG bag. Would you like your logo on our bag? Then this is the sponsorship option for you. Price will be determined upon confirmation of location.