Live Presentation Booking Time Notes


  1. Book a time during the window of October 1 to October 31

  2. Recording times start 15 mins before the hour.  The audience will show up at the top of the hour.

  3. Know the booking times are 2 hours long, but we rarely take that long. This just gives us lots of extra cushion for tech issues and time between presenters.

  4. Review the recording guidelines for a live presentation below

  5. Contact Lori if you have any questions: Lori@SeniaInternational.org

Recording Guidelines

What Happens

  • The first 15 mins are devoted to tech setup and troubleshooting
  • Recording and presentation will be done via Zoom
  • A small live audience will likely attend the presentation
  • The presentation is recorded for the larger audience


Audio quality is usually more important than any visuals or video that accompanies your presentation. People can deal with bad video, but bad audio really detracts from any presentation. 

  • Best option:A clip-on microphone makes you sound and look good. Here is a sample clip-on microphone from Amazon.
  • Second best option: Use a common headphone/microphone combination such as Apple Earbuds.  While the sound quality is acceptable, the headphones detract from the overall look.

We advise against using the built-in microphone that comes with your computer.  The audio is not up to SENIA presentation standards.


Zoom is used for the live recording and presentation.

Please ensure you have a presentation slide deck to share.

Please take a moment to watch one of our past speakers as she demonstrates the power of good sound quality, lighting, and slide placement.


Strong lighting lets the audience see the best version of you and creates a professional atmosphere.

See this past presenter’s nice lighting look

Lighting Tips

  • Use the 3-point lighting technique to maximize your lighting quality
  • Avoid having the light behind you (unless using 3-point lighting), such as a window or lamp. It will darken your appearance
  • Place light in front of you. Natural lighting from windows is best, but not always easy.

Backdrop During Recording

What is behind you during your presentation will be noted by attendees. We are all a little curious about where people are presenting from.

Backdrop Tips

  • Present from your desk or office. Having a backdrop such as a plain wall, books, shelves, etc. is a nice feeling for the audience.
  • Check out the Zoom virtual background option.  It can work well if you are not using headphones.