Oasis Place


SENIA is proud to welcome Oasis Place as a sponsor.  Oasis Place is a multidisciplinary intervention center serving students with different learning abilities. Over time individuals with ADHD and autism have become their key clientele as they serve children, adolescents, and adult populations. Oasis Place is also an approved testing partner appointed by Malaysian MENSA. The practices at Oasis Place are underpinned by supporting emotional regulation, social communication, executive function with independent living skills, and facilitating parent-client advocacy.  Whilst many view it as a differentiating factor, at Oasis Place it’s part of the culture to host and attend local and internationally resourced trainings and workshops as part of the continuous education for their staff.  The mission at the heart of Oasis Place is to achieve the best quality of life for their clients by supporting transitions through all stages of life with a transdisciplinary approach. At Oasis Place, they believe parents, educators and other stakeholders are all part of this transdisciplinary team towards inclusion and neurodiversity.

Oasis Place staff have participated at multiple SENIA events since 2014.  They have witnessed and participated in SENIA’s growth from a regional organization towards an international one while serving in roles such as parents, professionals and as a SENIA Malaysia board member.  SENIA is a great learning platform for special education catering to parents and professionals which is very much in line with that of Oasis Place’s ethos of continuous education.

From 2018, Oasis Place has started embarking the journey on promoting Neurodiversity hiring as part of their continued work on Autism Awareness initiatives. With the objective to foster inclusion and employment through neurodiversity@work; connecting as many potential employees as industrial partners for job trials, internship up to employment for neurodiverse individuals.

Since April 2020, Oasis Place Connect(“OPConnect”) launched their tele-practice platform. This has been encouraging and will become a regular part of their service offering in assessments, diagnosis, as well as intervention. OPConnect has opened doors to support families and schools located in domestic and international locations where accessibility to therapists and professionals is still limited. The staff at Oasis Place sincerely hopes their transdisciplinary team of psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and music therapists can offer some relief and professional support to these communities.