Connecting Math Concepts Connecting Math Concepts introduces ideas gradually and teaches students the connections between concepts. Focusing on the big ideas of mathematics, Connecting Math Concepts teaches explicit strategies that enable students to master difficult ideas such as ratios, proportions, probability, functions, and data analysis. Detailed explanations and guided practice move students toward independent work, ensuring that they gain success and confidence as mathematical thinkers. With Connecting Math Concepts, all concepts are learned and assimilated through use.
Math You See The Math-U-See Curriculum is a complete and comprehensive K–12 math curriculum. Each level concentrates on a specific set of skills, while continuously reviewing and integrating topics and concepts presented in previous levels. By using tools such as videos, manipulatives, and other resources, the Math-U-See Curriculum is designed to appeal to all types of learners in a variety of learning environments.
Touch Math Every numeral from one through nine has TouchPoints™ corresponding to the digit’s value. Numerals one through five have single TouchPoints.™ Numerals six through nine have double TouchPoints.™ Students count aloud as they touch the single TouchPoints™ once and double TouchPoints™ twice. The numeral zero has no TouchPoints™ and is never touched or counted. This concrete approach engages students on auditory, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic levels.
Bridges Intervention Organized by content rather than grade level, Volumes 1–4 address critical numeracy and computation skills at levels generally associated with kindergarten through second grade, while Volumes 5–9 do so for third through fifth grade.