Mario Framework


The MARIO Framework helps schools build a learning and well-being ecosystem that empowers students to be successful, self-directed learners. They do this through professional learning and innovative software that prioritizes 1:1 relationships, student well-being, and an inclusive mindset.

With so many additional tasks and expectations placed on today’s teachers, MARIO’s goal is to help teachers fall in love with teaching all over again. The MARIO Framework provides pathways to enhance your teaching skills and personalize student learning within a safe, global, and connected community. And most importantly, give you more time to focus on what matters most—more quality time with your students.

Their renowned certification courses are offered for both teachers and classroom assistants. Centered around 1:1 learning conversations with students, evidence-based practices, and design thinking, educators create flexible structures that improve outcomes in their particular context.

SENIA enjoys a long and successful relationship with Philip Bowman, the founder of The MARIO Framework and learning support teacher at International School Bangkok, as he helped set up the Thailand branch of SENIA International over 11 years ago and has actively been involved on the SENIA Thailand Executive Board ever since.

Recalling his SENIA International conference in 2012, Philip says, “I was so grateful to attend my first conference and have been filled with gratitude and a sense of calling ever since. I’m convinced that there is no better way to grow as a special educator than from learning from other special educators.” Over the years, Philip has been a part of eight SENIA International conferences and helped host a number of local SENIA conferences within Thailand.

The MARIO Framework takes a leading role in sponsoring the SENIA International conferences and is a founding sponsor because they believe “the SENIA conferences are vital to improving our collective efficacy. More than ever, we need to support each other whenever we can.”

SENIA International knows that our mission and vision are made possible by our members, and Philip is a perfect example of this. We appreciate The MARIO Framework partnering with us and look forward to seeing them at the 20 Years of SENIA: The Inclusion Revolution.

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