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Teacher Presenters

Please find all teacher presentations on this playlist (available starting December 2)

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Invited Presenters

(Videos Available Starting December 2)

    1. Keynote- Dr. Katie Novak-Intro to UDL: One-Size-Fits-All Fits No One (1 hour 28 min)
    2. Keynote: Cornelus Minor (47 min)
    3. Keynote: Temple Grandin-Great Minds Are Not All the Same  (60 min)
    4. Jordyn Zimmerman/Katy Fattaleh-Inclusion 101 (52 min)
    5. Sara Larrington- I can, You can, They can! (39 min)
    6. Kathleen Kryza- Think Positive, Act Smart: The Role of Executive Function in Emotional Strength and Resilience. (1 hr 9 min)
    7. Cheri Dotterer- Taking the Mask off Dysgraphia (1 hr 3 min)
    8. Patrick McGrath- UDL: A Technology Guide (1 hr 5 min)
    9. Julie Skolnick-Cycle for Success: Parenting and Teaching 2e Learners (59 min)
    10. Lillian Hubler- Sign Language for Social Emotional Learning and Inclusion (1 hr 14 min)
    11. Daniel Wickner- Why Identity-Centered Learning Matters To The Children In Our Care (1 hr 9 min)
    12. Dr. Jacqueline Jodl- Building Inclusive Mindsets & Behaviors (43 min)
    13. Max Simpson & Lizzy West- Creating Pathways Beyond Education: A Look at an Onsite Vocational Training Centre Inside an International School (42 min)
    14. Joel Llaban- Pursuing our Collective Pathways for DEIJ (1 hr 9 min)
    15. Dr. Jack Naglieri- Going Beyond Traditional IQ: Implications of A New way to Conceptualize Intelligence Based on the Brain (1 hr 13 min)
    16. Robyn Reagan- Leading with HOPE in Troubled Times (37 min)
    17. Dr. Michael Hubler- Teaching Social-Emotional Learning to Young Children (1 hr 12 min)

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