Viewing from Indonesia, where we are hosting our videos, is blocked in Indonesia.  We have therefore also uploaded the videos to so they are available for you.

Teacher Presenters

Please find all teacher presentations on this playlist (available starting December 3)

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Invited Presenters

To protect the intellectual property of our invited presenters, we made their YouTube videos private.  To watch the videos, please follow these steps:

  1. Open
  2. Login using your school email account.  Only your school account will give you access.
  3. Click on whichever videos you would like to watch from the list below

(Videos Available Starting December 3)

    1. Shelley Moore: The Evolution of Inclusion [ 1 hour ]
    2. Pernille Ripp- Passionate Readers: How to Engage and Empower all Readers [ 53 mins]
    3. Cath Brew – Supporting International School Staff in Making Schools More Welcoming for LGBTQ+ Families [ 1 HOUR ]
    4. Lorea Martinez-Three Strategies to Incorporate Emotions in the Classroom [37 mins]
    5. Kristel Solomon Saleem- Leading Change for Greater Inclusion [ 40 mins ]
    6. Leah Kuypers-The Basics of The Zones of Regulation [1 hour 11 mins]
    7. Dr. Bonnie Singer- The Influence of Executive Functions on Listening Speaking and Doing School [ 1 hour ]
    8. LeDerick Horne – A Path to Pride and Success [ 1 hour 6 mins]
    9. Michelle Garcia Winner- What’s Being Social Got To Do With Self-Regulation [ 1 hour 37 mins]
    10. Greg O’Connor- Math Engagement and Motivation? [ 1 hour ]
    11. Dr. Nadine Gaab-Typical and Atypical Reading Development Neurobiology, Heredity, Early Identification, and Screening Strategies [ 1 hour ]
    12. Caty Romero- Making Sense of Mathematics [ 1 hour 10 mins ]
    13. Steve Leinwand Practical and Accessible Strategies for Making Math Work for Special Education Students [ 1 hour  10 mins ]

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