Elklan Training is a renowned organisation with expertise in the field of speech, language and communication training. Elklan delivers courses to teachers, teaching assistants, early years practitioners and parents to give them knowledge and practical strategies to develop children’s speech, language and communication skills. Elklan has trained over 80,000 educational practitioners through a network of over 4,000 tutors.

Elklan’s core offer is a range of Speech and Language Support courses (SLS) and the Communication Friendly Settings programme (CFS). The SLS courses will equip staff with practical strategies to support language and communication development. The CFS course facilitates staff to cascade essential knowledge and strategies from the SLS course to the staff within their setting. In completing CFS, the whole setting will become an environment that supports the communication and language development of all pupils.

 Elklan is delivering training on a global scale. We strongly believe in the benefits of our evidenced based courses. Effective communication with family, friends and teachers is essential to children’s education and development. Communication is truly at the core of everything we do. Giving children the gift of communication is vitally important to their future.