Conference Feedback

Discussions. Case studies. Pedagogy. networking opportunities.

Michael Bucksmith

Vinschool Times City T36

It was wonderful to network and speak with other people from different schools and hear their perspectives. I enjoyed the workshops most when there was a chance to talk with others and brainstorm together.


UWC Thailand

It was great to connect with others in my field. I’m the only person in primary for learning support so just having someone to connect with was really beneficial. I also liked how all the sessions had a lot of interaction. Normally at a conference it can be so tiring if it is lecture based so it was nice we had opportunities to collaborate and learn from peers.

Joe Mock

Utahloy International School Guangzhou

“Jessica Wei Huang was outstanding- both the pre- conference and her amazing keynote. Lots of great connections and lots of learning.a deep dive into inclusion, belonging and identity. I am going back richer for having been here.” All the many connections, the excellent organization, great reception by the host school, delicious food, lots of warm friendly faces around and lots of GREAT learning. I am definitely richer for having attended.

Nitasha Crishna

UNIS Hanoi

the topics are interesting and I am able to find a session that meets my needs at every time frame

Kim Nguyen

UNIS Hanoi

The best thing we can do to support students with needs/challenges is to hear what they have to say—and notice how they are perceiving and participating in learning experiences. We must ride the silver linings wave and create experiences that embrace and embed student voice and perspective. And when in doubt of how best to support students—just ask them!

Karen Robiso

Tokyo International School

Opening address was heartwarming and meaningful. I learned new things about SENIA for eg logo was designed by a student, and SENIA’s evolution over the years.

Gail Tok


The variety of workshops was amazing. I wish I could have gone to more.

Zachary Berezowski

The KAUST School

Conferences with practical tools

Karine Estadieu

The international school of Macao

The presentations were wonderful and it was great meeting with professionals around the world.

Stephanie Zuidervliet

The American International School of Johannesburg

“Food was good
Loved the two keynotes
Organization was amazing”

Carla Guedes

The American International School of Johannesburg

Main speakers were inspiring!

Lika Li


Loved it all. The networking, sessions, learning, getting new ideas, the host school was amazing! Great food, loved the happy hour and vendors. Whova is wonderful, too – great resource and easy to access info. First conference in 7 years, loved it!

Jason Thornberg


The keynote speakers were amazing, very inspirational.

Melissa Ma


The sessions were very practical and helpful, especially since I learned new tools that I can use with my students. I also love that there were sessions where we could hear directly from parents and students about their school and personal experiences. Overall, it was a great conference. Thank you!

Pam Caberte

Surabaya Intercultural School

The sessions & keynotes gave me a lot of inspiration & takeaways that I can put into action as soon as I return to my school. That has made the trip absolutely worth it!

Yasoda Deva

Surabaya Intercultural School

“Great organization of everything.
Great communication.
Lots of opportunities for networking.
Great presenters.
Great food.

Sylvie Thibault

Sunway International Schools

I absolutely loved the pre conference on gifted learners! It was a long day, but every bit was insightful and meaningful. I also especially loved Patricia Moore’s keynote, and am grateful for the chance to connect with other like-minded professionals in the field. The conference was smooth and well-organised, and I had everything I needed as a presenter. Thank you!!!

Mahima Bhalla

Stamford American International School

So many wonderful, knowledgeable presenters! The presenters that provided their (very valuable) resources made it easier to engage knowing we could access the info later. Thank you, what an engaging and insightful conference!

Jennifer Marotto

SJA Jeju

I loved networking with other like minded individuals. It validated the high quality programming our school currently has and how far we have come. I thought the conference was very well organized and thought out. There was one session with SAS on EAL where I had a major take away.

Kristi Dahlstrom

Shanghai Community International School

I liked that there were a kot of sessions to choose from and that people were not restricted to the sessions they initially signed up for.

Blenda Abul

Shanghai American School

Great location, presenters, networking, raffles, and snacks! Different feel achieved in a positive way.

Gerald Anthony

SENIA International

The speakers were experts in their field and also inspiring. It helped to have people to have guidance on each floor including the students. I appreciated the variety of healthy snacks and lunch choices. Also, having a shuttle bus helped a lot. Thank you!

Dalia Umanskiy

Ruamrudee International School

I enjoyed many different interesting topics which directly related to my job. I like it when there’re many choices to choose. Also I got to meet people who face the similar situations and share those experiences to each other. That makes joining the conference meaningful to me.

Parichart Keaopon

Ruamrudee International School

I found the breakout sessions I attended to be well done and meaningful. I have a few things that I am excited to put into practice in the next couple of weeks. The networking opportunities were also well worth the trip, it’s great to connect with likeminded individuals from around the world.

Turner McGill

Ruamrudee International School

Connecting with other teachers and schools; hearing from parents and students.

Lissa Mason


I loved most of the workshops I attended and the networking.

Kari Jennings


Keynote speakers were dynamic. They both had messages that continue to linger with me and challenge me to grow personally and professionally.

Greta Schramm

Northshore Learning

Organisation was incredible. SENIA members were easily identifiable and available to chat and answer questions. Attendees were lovely people and enthusiastic. It’s incredible what you guys have done since you started in that basement all those years ago! There will be at least the same four of us coming again next year.

Henry Cordy

NIST International School

Meeting other colleagues and listening to their stories from a different school perspective.

Philip McCabe

Nexus International School

Sharing with others
The expertise and passion”

Ginna Daza

Nanjing Internacional School

All of it. The presenters were great. The networking opportunities was nice.

Ansophie Niemand

MYIS International School

I loved the full day pre-conference with Jessica. Getting to go deeper with a full day was helpful and gave time for us to think of issues within our own school settings that we want to go back and bring change to.

Shelby Seybert

Morrison Academy

The speakers and sessions were incredible. It was a really meaningful conference.

Teri Pittman

Morrison Academy

As special educators, many things that were discussed are what we already do but it’s always good to have a refresher and hear other perspectives. Great meeting so many people in the field and realizing that some struggles are universal! Was an enriching three days.

Navaz Hormusjee

Mallya Aditi International School, Bangalore, India

I enjoyed every session I went to. I came with certain questions and I am happy to go back with the answers. So thank you for this amazing community.

Rajini Ramnath

Mahindra International school

I enjoyed the Pre-conference workshops, the Student Panel & the opportunity to Network with participants.

Heena Chandru Vaswani

Lincoln Community School

I loved the pre conference workshop with Jessica where she did a beautiful build up across the day aligned with themes of belonging and identity. This permeated other presentations across the conference and felt really impactful and cohesive.

Rebekah Wallace

Lanna International School

It was an incredibly enriching experience. The workshop provided valuable insights into creating inclusive environments in educational settings. I learned about various strategies and best practices that I am excited to implement in my school to better support all students.

Marie Claude Helie

KIS International School

The ability to share and discover ways other schools are making great changes in the right direction

Meera Raghu

Keystone Academy

Excellent communication leading up to the conference. Fantastic location and great food. The pre-session with Jessica and sessions with Renee, Alejandro and the Advisory team (from ISHCMC and ICSA — I can’t recall their names…) were inspiring and left me with tools I can apply immediately.

Chelsea Armstrong

Kaoshiung American School

It being my first SENIA conference, it was amazing to be around so many light minded individuals and acquire knowledge to better myself and the student(s).

Audrey Sifunganyambe

Kaohsiung American School Taiwan

As a first time in-person conference attendee, I came away being honored to be a part of a global organization that is driving forward the mission of creating a more inclusive world. Often times, the work that we do can feel isolating and heavy day in and day out, yet my entire team came away with a greater focus on the “why.” The breakout sessions allowed each member to select topics relevant to their interests and schoolwide focus, therefore, increasing our overall capacity as a school. At times, we were reminded that we are doing good work as we were able to share our own journey and at other times we were inspired by those who have gone before and could impart their wisdom. The conference staff were incredible; they were present, supportive, and organized. I liked that it was easy to recognize them throughout the conference and that students also provided support. The school was lovely and a tremendous host. Breakouts by and large were effective.

Hannah McIntosh

Kaohsiung American School

Besides one of the keynote speakers the rest of the presentation were amazing!!!

Emily Simbana


The networking. Lots of wonderful inclusive journeys by schools shared.

Nicky Woodward


Loved lots of little things like announcement reminders, signage, grab and go food at lunch, general organisation was good!

Lex Hamilton


Thank you SENIA and International School of Ho Chi Minh. I enjoy the experience of meeting amazing speakers and educators around the world. The topics given are very hands-on and help me to scaffold myself on the importance of inclusion in every aspect of students’ learning journey. I look forward to joining the SENIA conference in 2025. Special thank you to the SENIA team that has been so wonderful in organizing this amazing event.

Putri Wanna

ISNS (Shenzhen, China)

I enjoyed the variety of presentations, the food was great, Networking time was fun and the happy hour with meeting so many others was a blast. The live band also Rocked!

Chris Norman


I totally enjoyed networking. All the sessions were very insightful and engaging. It was wonderful to be able to connect with like-minded colleagues and to learn about what other schools are doing.



“I really enjoyed the wide range of options for workshop sessions. It was nice that some sessions were repeated, too, so that you didn’t necessarily have to miss out.
I particularly got a lot out of the session with Heidi from SAS on distinguishing the difference between EAL needs versus Language Impairment versus SLD. I would recommend having her speak at future conferences!”

Karen Santosuosso