Student Award Scholarship

1,500 USD

SENIA will select one student award winner this year. The winner will be announced at the SENIA international conference.


  • Sponsor listed and mentioned in all publications surrounding the award winner
  • Sponsor donation goes directly to the winner of this award
  • Sponsor logo added to plaque and certificate

SENIA Conference Scholarships

250 USD per person for virtual conference and 500 USD per person for in-person conference

Sponsor attendance for teachers who do not have the financial means to attend.


  • Winners will be informed of their conference sponsor
  • All sponsors will be thanked on our conference website
  • Sponsors announced through our social media channels

Full Year Podcast Sponsor

2,000 USD

Sponsor our SENIA Happy Hour Podcast. Each week, our listeners will hear a 30-second advertisement about your organization. As a sponsor, you can choose to send in your own recorded advertisement, or have it read by our conference host. Our podcasts are published weekly for 10 months a year and we have a very large listener base.

Single Podcast Advertisement

150 USD per episode

Have your organization featured in one of our SENIA Happy Hour or Round Table podcasts with a 30 second advertisement read by our host. You may choose to have your own recording as well. The choice is yours.

Community Outreach Scholarship

2,000 USD

Sponsor our community outreach scholarships for project winners from 3 regions – Europe, Asia and Africa. Each scholarship will go towards a project that embraces SENIA’s mission and vision from each region.


  • Winners will be informed of your sponsorship
  • Once projects completed they will be featured on our social media

Conference Watch Party Luncheon

500 USD

At SENIA, we know learning together is beneficial, so we encourage our members to form watch parties. Sponsor a luncheon for one of our watch parties.


  • Signs with your logo will be placed around the room at the watch party
  • An announcement will be made to group about your sponsorship
  • A video (provided by you) of your organization shared before luncheon
  • Announcement made through the WHOVA platform about your sponsorship of this luncheon
  • Watch party luncheon recipient can be chosen by your organization (unique to your region/location) or will be chosen in a lottery system from groups with 15-25 people