Winston Preparatory School


Winston Preparatory School is a leading school network offering students with learning differences a highly individualized, holistic, and responsive education. Our unique model serves students through grade 12, along with a multifaceted gap year program for students who are not yet ready for college or the workplace. At Winston Prep, faculty carry out ongoing, in-depth assessments to cultivate a deep understanding of students, helping them to advance at a meaningful pace and giving them the tools to continue independently learning and growing. All of our campuses provide intense skill remediation while fostering independence, resilience, responsibility, and self-awareness. They include two sites in New York City and one each in New Jersey, Connecticut, on Long Island, San Rafael, California and our latest campus in San Francisco for Winston Transitions. We also offer an innovative fully online school, Winston Online, accessible anywhere in the United States and abroad.

Winston Prep is a proud sponsor of SENIA International which advocates for inclusion for individuals with special needs globally.