At Vivido, we jumped at the chance to sponsor this year’s SENIA conference.  We share SENIA’s deep passion for bringing like-minded educators together to blaze the path of inclusive education and support all students. 

For 25+ years, Vivido has been giving educators powerful methods for teaching language and literacy so they can prepare students to lead successful lives.  Through our online courses, custom school trainings, and conference presentations, Vivido helps educators make learning visible.

At Vivido, everything we do is motivated by the thrill of seeing vivid flashes of insight — the dots connect, and learning happens. We believe aha! moments are highly contagious. When we see them in the educators we teach, we know they’ll pass them on to their students.

Dr. Bonnie Singer, Vivido’s Founder and CEO, has been an invited speaker at all but one SENIA conference since 2011.  Over the last decade, she has taught countless educators Brain Frames: visual tools that organize language and countless other strategies that support effective instruction.  She has witnessed the magic that happens at SENIA when people who share a passion for teaching come together.  Whether the event is in person or virtual, the outcome is the same.  It’s impossible to walk away uninspired.

Dr. Singer is thrilled to support this year’s conference as both a speaker and a proud sponsor of SENIA.

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