The Stowell Center is excited to be a Bronze level sponsor for SENIA! 

Students with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, Auditory Processing disorder, and undiagnosed struggles in school with learning or attention challenges are often misunderstood and can come across as lazy, unmotivated, or just needing to try harder.  None of these things are true, in spite of what it may look like.  By identifying and developing the underlying root of the difficulties – the processing or learning skills that are weak or inefficient – the struggles can be eliminated and students can become the confident, independent learners they have the potential to be. This changes the student’s future and makes a huge difference in the life of the family.

The Stowell Center provides services through remote screenings and sessions one-to-one with students as well as through a distance learning model where parents are coached and guided to provide the training to their child. 

We first learned about SENIA from a special needs attorney in California who said SENIA is a great organization and felt that we would really connect.  He indicated that because the members were spread out around the world, there was a real need for resources to support teachers and families dealing with learning and attention challenges.  Jill Stowell, our founder and Executive Director, started listening to Lori Boll’s podcast and agreed, as we serve international students remotely already.  Connecting with SENIA allows us to offer our services to more students and families and provides a needed resource to them.

We would love for the SENIA community to be aware of our weekly broadcast, LD Expert Live.  This is a tremendous FREE resource specifically geared for parents and teachers of students with learning and attention challenges. 

We are  looking forward to getting to know the SENIA organization better and learning from the speakers and sponsors at the conference.  It is always energizing and encouraging to learn from others who have a real heart for education, kids, and families.

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