We are pleased to announce sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming SENIA Virtual Conference from December 4-6, 2020. This opportunity is for organizations and businesses who believe in our vision, which is to live in an inclusive world where every individual is supported, resources are accessible, potential is maximized, and action is inspired. 

Sponsorship Benefits

  • History: SENIA has held conferences since 2002 in the South East Asia region and is expanding to more locations.
  • Membership: SENIA members include teachers, school leaders,  parents, and professionals. With thousands of members and well over 10,000 followers on our social media channels, SENIA has a broad reach.
  • Worldwide Growth: SENIA now has regional chapters in Europe, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. We have local chapters in over 20 cities and countries around the world.
  • Promotion: Sponsoring a SENIA event provides an opportunity to partner with us and promote your product and service in this growing, global community.
  • Conference Participation: Bronze, Silver, and Gold sponsors receive complimentary tickets to attend the SENIA conference. In cities that have reopened, SENIA will be organizing watch parties, which will enable you to have the opportunity to attend the conference and interact with SENIA members.

    • Bronze Sponsor- One complimentary pass
    • Silver Sponsor- Two complimentary passes
    • Gold Sponsor- Three complimentary passes
  • Engage with Members through the Conference App
    • SENIA’s conference app, Whova, allows you to set up your organization’s description, photos, and push coupons, should you wish. Sponsors can interact with attendees on the profile page with instant messages. This direct engagement can give attendees a strong idea of the advantages of your company.
    • Throughout the conference, opportunities will be given to members to explore the app and take a tour of our sponsors through scavenger hunts and games.
    • Sponsors can feature raffles, giveaways, and coupons through their profile, and when attendees choose to enter, they are recorded as leads. Sponsors can then export these new contacts through the app.

Tiered Sponsorship

SENIA supports a tiered sponsorship model that enables you to choose the level of sponsorship that best fits your needs.  All prices are in USD.


Contact Lori Boll, SENIA Executive Director, for more information.

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