This reference guide is for all speakers participating in the SENIA Africa 2023 “Beyond the Label” conference at AIS Johannesburg.  Please read through each section below to find the information you need to have an awesome introduction recording and conference experience.

Essential Dates

Starting January 1
  • Begin promoting your presentation and engaging with participants
  • Review these promotion guidelines found in the “Promote your Presentation” section
By January 16
  • Record and upload your short, one-minute introduction.
  • Check out the “Recording Guidelines” section for details.
  • If changes need to be made, we will contact you individually
By January 18
  • SENIA will contact anyone who needs to edit or change their introduction video
  • SENIA will share more details about the technology available at the conference and inquire into other resources you may need.
Starting January 20
  • Login into Whova and double-check that all bio information and presentation materials are accurate and ready to go.
**Tech Support** Always know that SENIA is here to help you during this process. Please email SENIA Tech Support if questions/concerns arise.

Record an Introduction

Record a short overview of your talk and excite the audience with your upcoming content. Conference attendees use these introductions to plan their session attendance.

  • Record a short, one to two-minute introduction of your presentation using this presentation title slide template.
    • Please include:
      • Your Name
      • Presentation topic
      • Anything that will get people excited about your presentation 
  • See a sample here and here.

Always know that SENIA is here to help you during this process. Stay in touch.

Awesome Video and Audio Tips


Audio quality is usually more important than any visuals or video that accompanies your presentation. People can deal with bad video, but bad audio really detracts from any message.

Video Recording

There are a variety of software packages to make this possible:

  • Zoom: You may already be very familiar with Zoom
  • Screencastify<">Another strong screencasting software.  Requires a paid account to exceed five mins, but your introduction video is much shorter than that.
  • Mmhmm: A SENIA favorite, Mmmhmm is a dynamic recording tool with a nice free option. Takes a little while to learn and is a worthwhile investment.
  • Canva has a great screen recording option now. If you are already familiar with Canva, this might be a great optoin.

If you need any help or advice regarding screencasting, please contact us: <>support@seniainternational.org

Lighting Tips

  • Strong lighting lets the audience see the best version of you and creates a professional atmosphere.
  • Avoid having the light behind you, such as a window or lamp. It will darken your appearance.
  • Place light in front of you. Natural lighting from windows is best, but not always easy.

Backdrop Tips

  • What is behind you during your presentation will be noted by attendees. We are all a little curious about where people are presenting from.
  • Present from your desk or office. Having a backdrop such as a plain wall, books, shelves, etc. is a nice feeling for the audience.
  • Check out the Zoom virtual background option.  It can work well if you are not using headphones. 

Upload Your Video Introduction

  1. If needed, export your presentation in the highest possible quality (Zoom, Screencastify, Mmhmm, etc.)
  2. Name the file –  [Your Name – Title of Presentation]
  3. Upload your intro video using this Google form.
    1. If Google does not really work in your country or you do not have a Google Account, please use the free service WeTransfer.com to send your video.  Send all WeTransfer files to andrea@seniainternational.org

Questions or need help?  Contact our support team: support@seniainternational.org

Promoting Your Presentation

SENIA loves to share fantastic information from presenters like you. To increase outreach, we are asking all presenters to promote their presentation through their own social media and other marketing channels.

A Few Weeks Before Your Presentation

Start to share your presentation topic, highlights, and conference badge (see below).

Day of Your Workshop

  • Post comments and photos to your social media accounts and be sure to tag SENIA’s Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Twitter accounts. Be sure to use our hashtag, #SENIAAfrica.

Conference Badges

  • Please be sure to let others know you are part of this great conference by using our conference badges. You received an email in mid-December with your link for these. If you need assistance finding them, please email andrea@seniainternational.org

The American International School of Johannesburg is committed to making the technology presenters use easy.

Presenters are asked to provide the following:

  • Their own laptop
  • A USB adapter (AKA Dongle) for connecting to the projector

Need Some Help?

All presenters are eligible for support from the SENIA technical and speaker support team. Please contact the team: Support@seniainternational.org