Uploading the Final SENIA Videos to Vimeo

Fantastic, so fun to watch, explainer video


Thank you for your help uploading these videos. SENIA helps train teachers to work with students who have special needs and your work is so helpful to us.

Part One, finding and downloading videos

  1. Open this spreadsheet.
  2. Find a presenter and put your name next to them
  3. Create a folder on your computer desktop and name it after the presenter you are working on.  This will help keep it all organized.
  4. Download all their videos to your desktop. They may split their videos into 2,3 or 4. Note: The videos can be quite large. Like over 1 Gig each, so they may take a while to download.

Part Two: Editing The Video

  1. Download this short intro video.  It will be attached to the beginning of every video
  2. Download this short outro video. It will be attached to the end of every video
  3. Open up iMovie
  4. Drag in video part 1, part 2, part 3, etc.
  5. Put the videos in the correct order.  This is super important and an easy mistake to make. Each video should be named with its part number.
  6. Add the intro video to the beginning
  7. Add the outro video to the end

Part Three: Exporting The Video

  1. Click the export button
  2. Set the quality to 1080 P
  3. Copy the title from the spreadsheet
  4. Add the title to the video
  5. Export the video

The files may be VERY large.  Up to 10 gigs!

Part Four: Logging in to Vimeo

  1. Go to vimeo.com and login
  2. Username: admin@seniainternational.org
  3. Password:   (Be sure to copy and paste)

Part Five: Uploading Videos

  1. Click the upload button on Vimeo
  2. Find the video on your desktop
  3. Upload the video
  4. The video title should match the title in the spreadsheet automatically. Please correct it if the title is bad.

Part Six: After Uploading

  1. Copy the link to the Vimeo video. It is at the top.
  2. Paste the link in the “Link to Vimeo video” column

Once completed, find another video and repeat!

Thank you!

Questions?  email: admin@seniainternational.org