Thank you for submitting your workshop proposal for the SENIA 2021 Virtual Conference, Learning Ecosystems: Supporting Inclusive School Communities. 

You will receive an email from SENIA by Aug 1, 2021 detailing whether your workshop presentation has been approved for our virtual conference and the next steps.

SENIA will be looking at all the proposals to make determinations about whether to include a workshop presentation.  Some things they will be looking at are:

  • The workshop’s ability to reach a variety of audiences (beginner/intermediate/advanced) from different levels of education (elementary, middle, high, administrative)
  • The workshop aligns with one of the designated strands – Intensive Needs, Mental Health & SEL, Inclusive Practices, Math Interventions and Literacy Interventions.
  • The workshop offers a unique perspective that complements the workshops on offer at SENIA 2021: Learning Ecosystems. 
  • The workshop has an appropriate balance of theory and practice with strategies participants can use immediately.
  • Workshops main focus should be on content and support strategies.  Workshops that focus exclusively on selling a product will not be considered.

Thank you, again, for offering your expertise, time, and dedication to the SENIA 2021 Virtual Conference.  


The SENIA 2021 Virtual Conference Team