SENIA @ AISJ – Beyond the Label

A label can be helpful in developing understanding or it can contribute to stereotypes that limit opportunities. A label can be empowering for an individual to help own their identity or it can be constraining and make someone feel like they have been put in a box. How one feels about identifications of various neurodiverse profiles often depends on their context and experience.  

Africa is a continent rich in diversity. The experience of the neurodiverse and individuals with disabilities varies so much across the cultures and countries of this beautiful region. The aim of the Beyond the Label conference is to bring together professionals, parents, students, and others to share their experiences and knowledge. We seek to find ways to serve the need, not the label, in a context in which evaluations and resources can be limited and stigmas can be significant. We acknowledge that people are more than the labels assigned to them and that we can intervene without always needing an identification.

We embrace the intersectionality of our multiple identities and reflect on how they influence each other and our experiences with neurodiversity. We work to build inclusive communities and programs that allow every individual to find belonging, support, and challenge relevant to their needs. 

Join us in our journey to move Beyond the Label.